Food For Thought: Let's All Cry Together (6)

Wow, that title might scare some of you away! But I wanted to talk about Books That Make You Cry. Those book that make you sad or devastated because of their sheer brilliance or emotion.

Do I love them?

Of course! Considering my review yesterday was for Code Name Verity and I cried three times reading that book, I love it. A book that can make me cry is a book that is powerful and emotional.

BUT I know that some people don't like reading books that they know will be sad or will make them cry. And I've always wondered: why? I'm someone who doesn't mind having a good cry. Or at least, i'm someone who isn't afraid of reading a book that will wreak me because there's something thrilling and beautiful about having an emotional connection on that level with a book. It's the kind of books that you don't forget about!

But as always with these posts, I want to know about you guys. Do you like crying or being sad because of books? Do you crave it?
And if not, why don't you like reading sad books?

Happy Reading!


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