Pretty Little Liars 3x03: Kingdom Of The Blind! Let's Talk About It

Hey everybody, it's time for shirtless boys, crazy killers, and possibly dumb ideas! That's right: Pretty Little Liars!

  • Yeah guys, just STARE AT THE GIRL WHO CAN SEE. 
  • Wow, Lucas doesn't look cute anymore. Now he looks like a homeless psycho. Whoa, impacting isn't a word? Huh, I suppose it isn't. WHOA LUCAS FIRE IN SCHOOL IS WRONG. 
  • Why is Hanna wearing this hat? She looks quite...urban. But hehe, "he's a sour-patch kid". Weren't Kaleb and Lucas best friends? WAIT A MINUTE. Kaleb would always stay at Lucas' house when he was here in Rosewood so...where's he staying now? Because he's not staying at Hanna's. 
  • Wow, yeah Aria, play it cool. God, she's such a bad liar. Jemma totally knows. Wow, Jemma, "look it in the eye". Subtle. 
  • Haha, everyone is so funny at this table but Emily. I'm actually loving Aria this season, let's keep it up! And then they're all adorable with a retelling of "knocking over a bee hive."
  • Whoa, Emily got a 94 on the test! But impossible! She didn't even finish! Duh, Ms.Aria changed your grade because you're her daughter's friend. Who cares about teacher integrity and honesty? Pfft.
  • Dude, Emily, calm down. YOU ARE PARANOID. You've always been the most paranoid of the group. 
  • Lucas is actually funny but no longer in an adorable way. In a really cynical, wary way. Which is still funny but not my Lucas! Kaleb being all tough guy on him is funny. Now Lucas is being really cryptic and I kind of want Kaleb to punch him in the face. 
  • So on another note, i'm at an impasse. I want Kaleb to cut his hair but i'm worried he will no longer look cute without it. But he is being kind of a douchewad lately so maybe it won't matter?
  • WHOA WHOA WHOA. What is Emily wearing to school? That is not appropriate for school
  • HEY, look! It's the doctor from The Vampire Diaries! I mean, Melissa. Oh whoa, I love Spencer's outfit. I have a fondness for Maxi dresses but i'm really short (5ft 2 1/2) so it's hard to find cute ones for me. Boo. 
  • Mrs.Spencer is now announcing her defense of Garrett and Spencer is pissed. But...doesn't Spencer think that Garrett didn't kill Allison as well? But...huh. Man, Spencer looks pretty. Jealous of her outfit. ANYWAY. 
  • God, what is her mom hiding? This makes no sense. Wow, Melissa, you're such a good sister.
  • Eh, now it's a scene of Emily and Aria trying to be badass. 
  • WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT, wasn't Melissa pregnant? Did she lose the baby? She did, right? And wow, Spencer is laying on the facts! Oh man, she did lose her baby, that sucks.  
  • Since when does Aria play the keyboard? Does anyone remember this being somewhere else? 
  • God, this Jenna/Aria scene is creepy. Well, I think Jenna is creepy in general. No way Jenna would let Aria stay alone in her room if she had something super secret hidden. Unless she's dumb. 
  • I thought the idea that Garrett and Melissa got together was obvious. But whoa, maybe Garrett is Melissa baby daddy. THAT MAKES SENSE.
  • Oh here is our daily allotted time of Aria and Ezra. Yay. I'm typing instead of looking, lol.
  • HAHAHAHA, crazy Mona sounds crazy. I love it. I kind of want to see Mona's actress in other places because I like her. "You can't trust anyone, not even family." WHOA, subtle jab there?
  • Lucas is coming to visit? I'm not surprise if he comes often...hmm. MYSTERIOUS.
  • Oops, all of the Hanna secrets are coming out to Kaleb. Man, Lucas is smart. THAT'S WHAT I THINK TO. Mona might totally be faking.
  • Oh look, a commercial for Spiderman! I'm super excited for this movie, I love Spiderman. And Emma Stone. And Andrew Garfield. Yum. 
  • Spencer is pretending to be Melissa and WHOA MAYBE MELISSA WASN'T EVEN PREGNANT. 
  • Whoa, this guy is stupid. Spencer sounds so confused and he's just feeding her information? This doesn't sound like a good idea.
  • Ahahaha, Ezra saves the day, woo. Sorry guys, i'm being mean because I don't like him. 
  • WHOA JENNA IS DRIVING. How long was she blind? Don't you like...forget how to drive well and you have to reinstate your license? 
  • What is Hanna wearing in this scene? I can't decide whether or not I like it. Huh. And man, she's gonna confront Jenna straight up! DAMN STRAIGHT.
  • Wow, Kaleb is visiting Mona. Supposedly "to get answers". I love how he goes to everyone and is like: DON'T MESS WITH HANNA. People messing with Hanna anyway, hun. 
  • CRAZY MONA CRAZY! I love it. Adds a touch of insanity we haven't seen since the creepy doll episode on this show.
  • And now it's time to interrogate Jenna. Man...I kind of feel bad for Jenna. She's a convincing actress, because I can't tell whether or not the threat towards her is real or if SHE is the threat. A little bit of both I think. 
  • SHE WAS FAKING! Man, Spencer, your family is so twisted. 
  • But Emily, you're acting like you're made out of glass. YOU WALKED OUT INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD DRUNK. But you're getting better, I like this.
  • HE KEEPS HIS LIQUOR WITH ALISON'S BODY. God, Gloved Creep, so creepy. 

All in all, this episode was pretty boring. Maybe i'm just used to things constantly happening and being revealing in episodes (The Vampire Diaries spoils me.) But what did you guys think?
Happy Watching!


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