Pretty Little Liars 3x01: It Happened That Night? Let's Talk About It!

Pretty Little Liars is back! And like I promised in my recap for Vampire Diaries, i'm going to be doing it! Let's start!

  • Emily was building houses for people in Haiti? Jesus, that's pretty awesome. From this group, I am Hanna, lol. 
  • Oh my god they should never let Emily drink again. Some people streak, some people have sex, EMILY DIGS UP GRAVES. And she doesn't remember? And creepy noises? CRAP. 
  • I'm pretty sure a jacket doesn't completely wipe prints...but at the same time, these don't look like the kind of girls that watch NCIS. 
  • LUCAS! Aw, I remember when I used to like you because you were adorable but now you're kind of crazy. Like seriously, I never wanted him with Hanna but SO CUTE. 
  • Spencer is a beast, guys. Seriously, she's so good under pressure. She burned everything, wrote a note, handled everything. They're getting really good at covering their tracks. 
  • Side note: I love everyone's new haircuts. Spencer's hair looks awesome, Aria looks great with shorter hair and so does Hanna! 
  • Oh ew, Ezra and Aria. I know, i'm one of those few people that don't like them. It's not because of the fact it's a taboo relationship and more that they both annoy me. Aria's been good so far but she was so annoying during this past season. And Ezra is just...dumb. I loved Holden. Where's Holden?
  • I love the Hanna/Mom relationship. They have the best mother-daughter relationship of the bunch and it's fun. And oop, Spencer's mom comes in to suck the fun out of everything. She's such a fun-sucker. 
  • TOBY MENTION. I love Toby and Spencer; they're my favorite couple. And yeah, Spencer is my favorite character; she's hilarious!
  • Aw, Emily's mom is cool too but she was absent from most of season two so now I must reevaluate this. But she's an awesome mom from recent events. 
  • Hanna's visiting Mona in the hospital? Shit. She's a good friend but Hanna, love, Mona is cray. 
  • Oh my god, Wren still here? And still pretentious? TALK IN ENGLISH WREN. God, I hate Wren. Probably only because he tried to get in the way of Toby and Spencer which is a no-go in my book. 
  • Oh hello Toby. Hello, Toby's abs. Aw, Toby is so sweet, man. 
  • What's up with these unknown calls Spencer's been getting? Also: Spencer's Voldemort reference was awesome. 
  • Aria has a panic attack in the bathroom because someone came inside from what I understand. Are people not allowed to go into the bathroom anymore? But I understand why she's freaking.
  • Emily and Toby friendship time! They're a good pair of friends so go them.
  • WHAT IS GOING ON WITH SPENCER? SHE ANSWERED THE CALL. If she's now on the A team or something, I'll throw a fit. I want to say: Thank god it's just Garrett. But I hate Garrett. I never understood why everyone was alright with him having a relationship with underaged Jenna but then Aria has a relationship with underaged Ezra and everyone is like YOU SHALL BE ARRESTED. Garrett's a cop, guys!
  • Oh look, Mona is hallucinating. Awesome. That girl is so crazy I can't even but at least she actually smiled at Hanna? Progress? GET AWAY FROM HER HANNA. 
  • And now everyone has started making revelations. Hanna admits to going to see Mona and now Spencer is showing them that she has been recreating the room because they lied to Emily when they said they cleared it out themselves. Turns out: DUN DUN DUN. It was already empty! So they finally realized A is not only one person? Stop being so behind guys. And can we stop suspecting Melissa? She couldn't have been the Black Swan SHE'S PREGNANT! 
  • Oh my god, the car doors are open. And wow, look at that. A TON OF PHOTOS SO CREEPY.
What did you guys think of this episode? I thought it was alright; not as whoa crazy as some other episodes but a good start to the season! Which is your favorite couple? Liar? Do you think Mona is still doing stuff from inside her crazy room? Does Garrett really know anything? Comment!


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