A Show You Must Watch: Jane By Design (3)

So guess what! Saturday afternoon I was super bored and tired after a party and decided to browse the On Demand shows uverse has. And that is how I ended up finding Jane By Design, a show that launched recently on ABC family and is returning this Tuesday. AND THIS IS HOW I ENDED UP LOVING IT.

From left to right: Lulu, Nick, Ben, Billy, Jane, Gray, Jeremy, India

The story revolves around a girl named Jane whose your typical OT* and she's only got one friend, Billy (WHO I WILL GET TO LATER). But then she gets news about this amazing internship going on at a fashion designer's and she loves fashion (seriously, she dresses amazingly) and so, she applies! But she accidently ends up going in for a different Jane and landing the job of executive assistant to the brand's iron fist, Gray. The only problem? They also think she's in her 20-somethings. So the show progresses with Jane trying to balance two secret lives while advancing her fashion career, dealing with high school, and handling her stay-at-home brother who moved in once her dad passed away.

This show is just so much fun. Seriously, I was in love by the third episode. Jane is a funny and relatable character, someone who is just invisible enough to be endearing but not so insecure that I want to knock some sense into her. She dreams of being popular and getting noticed but she's never willing to change herself to do it, which I enjoy. At the same time, she's not a debbie downer which is something I always hate in characters that aren't in the "in crowd".

Billy is basically one of my favorite best friends of all time. He's this punk-rocker who, for the record, is crazy cute (he also has a bad reputation due to his brother being a drug dealer) and will basically do anything for Jane. Their friendship is so sweet and refreshing because they lean on each other no matter what. And Billy has his own drama as well! This brings me to Lulu: I don't care what anyone says, I love her. She's a perfectionist and kind of shallow but she has good heart.

And then at the office! Gray is this dominating and demanding boss who still manages to act as a mother figure to Jane who has never had one. India is sneaky, vindictive, and conniving; and I love it! Watching India sabatoge people is fun but I loved seeing them add more layers to her and making her human. Jeremy is probably my favorite character aside from Billy: he's british and cocky and a ladies' man. But he's also so dedicated and in love with his work and sweet as can be.

My favorite understated character? Harper, without a doubt. That scene where she and Lulu are painting outside just killed me.
OTP**? I do love Jane and Jeremy...but I love me some Billy. Nick was alright I guess.
Netflix? Yes! Of course!
When does it air? Tuesday on ABC Family!
What did I think of the finale? OH MY GOD GUYS. OH MY GOD.

Do you watch the show? What do you think of it? If not, do it!
Happy watching!

*overlooked teenager
**one true pairing


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