Food For Thought: The Small Town Problem (7)

Hey guys! Today i'm going to talk about what I like to call: The Small Town Problem.

Maybe it's just me but when I love reading books about people living in small towns. The small town dynamic is so interesting to me because I live in such a big city (Miami, if you didn't know) and so, it's nice to hear about places where everyone knows each other and you can walk to your nearest grill.



My biggest problem when I read YA books that feature small towns is the whole....High School experience there. Mostly the whole hierarchy of High School. I go to a fairly big school. Not as big as some other schools in the area because it's a magnet school (if you don't know what that is, you basically have to apply and then get accepted and placed in the profession you wish to persue be it health, business, fine arts, etc) but there is one "mean girl" in my school.

There is not that ONE GIRL that everyone wants to be and all the guys go out with and is super mean and awful. There is no "popular" clique. There is no group of teenagers that consist of the cheerleaders and football players and they all sit together during lunch and make fun of people. I don't have that and so, I find it kind of ridiculous when it is in every single novel I've read ever. Even in middle school, I didn't have it.

So I'm really curious to see if this actually happens in real life!
So my questions for your guys:

  • Did you have a Novel High School experience? With THE mean girl and everything? Or are you like me?
  • What do you like about Small Town books? What do you hate?
  • Do you want to see more Big City books? 
Happy Reading!


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