Pretty Little Liars 3x02: Blood Is The New Black! Let's Talk About It

Alright! Let's do this!

  • Someone pointed out to me that Garrett is the jerky pop singer from Pretty Little Liars and now I can't stop thinking about it! Jeez! 
  • Wow, TV shows always do that thing where whatever they're reading in class has to do with what's going on in their lives at the moment. THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO ME. Also: Aria's mom seems like a boring teacher. 
  • Dude, did they all just run out of class? I get that it's Aria's mom but STILL.
  • Aria...is being the voice of reason? That's weird, i'm not used to this. 
  • Their school has those toilets that flush by themselves? Wow, fancy. 
  • Oh hi, Jenna. You were strangely absent from the last episode but I guess now's the time to get your creepy vague messages on. Wow Jenna, it's funny seeing her crash into people knowing she can see. Also: they seriously think Mona's the mastermind behind them? She may be the brains but she's not the leader of the show.
  • Dude, why doesn't Hanna just tell Kaleb where she's going? There's really no need for secrets between them anymore. 
  • Oh my god Aria. Did you just offer your illegal boyfriend to tutor Emily? You're the queen of  awkward. No. Just get Spencer to tutor you, she's the genius! 
  • Oh ew, we're bringing Meredith back? I don't like her but she has nice hair.
  • Oh right Aria, how ridiculious of your parents not to love your illegal boyfriend and embrace the two of you with open arms. Shut up, what the hell did you expect? 
  • Right, medical records...is Garrett trying to say Wren is part of the A Team? THAT MAKES SENSE. Or just..Jenna? How boring. 
  • Oh my god, super awkward. Emily and Ezra. SO AWKWARD. Aria sucks. 
  • Wren, shut up. No amount of tortured past and nice accent will make me like you. But god, that's a nice accent. Also Wren, you're not a psychologist, you're a doctor. 
  • TOBY YAY. Oh shit, sexy times? Apparently! Oh Toby. I would like to point out though, THAT YOU ARE IN THE LIVING ROOM. PEOPLE LIVE THERE.
  • Oop, flashback. Ali is funny but also a bitch. Also: goth Aria looks so young. 
  • Oh crap! And dude, they had a total crazy-party in her dad's office. Why didn't anyone mention that when Meredith and her dad broke up? 
  • WHAT the hell is Aria wearing? Jesus. I actually like Hanna's new hair, popular to contrary belief. 
  • Dude, Kaleb totally knows something is up. Why? Because Kaleb is not stupid. 
  • I can tell Spencer's mom cares, but she could be a little nicer about it. 
  • Aw Kaleb. Aw, I like you. They better not be trying to set up a thing between Hanna and Wren because...no. Not even the suspense of something outside Aria's window can take my attention away from her outfit. 
  • Oh my god Byron, don't act like that woman's a saint. She slept with a married man. YOU. Excuse me? Aria doesn't owe her anything.
  • Spencer's hair looks nice and i'm happy for the amount of Toby in this episode. Also: duh Jenna can see. She WAS ARRANGING THE PEANUTS IN CIRCLES.
  • Wow Meredith, I really hate you. Sorry. Oh boo freaking hoo Meredith, shut up. As if you're the victim. SHE IS SUCH AN AWFUL PERSON.
  • Oh dude, I knew Kaleb was gonna find out because of Wren. WREN: the ruiner of everything. 
  • Wow, Garrett, you sat down just to leave? Douche. Uh oh, dark school? Okay questions:
    TEACHERS WHO READ MY BLOG: do you actually stay at school after dark? Really?
  • Mona. Is. So. Creepy.
  • Oh my god, Spencer and Hanna LOL. They have a great dynamic and we don't get to see it enough. Who fills up their water bottle at the sink? Don't they have water fountains? 
  • Oh my god lulz, the creepy end scene is Evil Dude shopping for hoodies? I'm terrified. 
What do you guys think? How is Kaleb going to react? What is their plan for Mona? How sucky are Wren and Meredith? TELL ME! 
Happy Reading!


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