Pretty Little Liars 3x04: Birds Of A Feather! Let's Talk About It

Hey guys and welcome to another episode of Pretty Little Liars where hopefully something crazy will happen!
  • Man, Aria is being so smart. It's weird but I'm seriously liking it so woo! Dude, how is Lucas not capable of digging up a grave? Did everyone forget about the memorial issue? 
  • Why does everyone think the evil people aren't capable of doing things? THEY ARE QUITE CAPABLE. 
  • What is Jason doing? Oh wow, seriously, a reward for information? That'll work. Okay, seriously, how did A see that ONE FLYER that's right in front of the girls so quickly. If she's way behind them, she must have awesome vision. 
  • I love Spencer's outfit and oh my god, what is Aria wearing to school? That outfit looks like it should be a forty year old woman going out on a date NOT A GIRL GOING TO SCHOOL. 
  • I love Hanna but why is she acting so bitchy to this mean-looking old lady? 
  • Dude, I totally thought this pretentious coffee guy was Toby from a distance. Haha, he's such a douchey boss I love it. 
  • Cousin Maya shows up to the job no one knew Emily had to say that Maya was his favorite cousin or whatever and she's just standing there awkwardly. 
  • Wait so Hanna, you can go see Mona but Kaleb can't go? Also, Kaleb GOD JUST TRUST HER. He's really starting to annoy me because if Hanna thinks it's good to go see Mona, then just let her go see Mona! She needs some closure and you need to get over it. Wow, storm out. Mature. 
  • Oh my god, Aria, get out of your mom's business.
  • Haha, Hanna and Hanna's mom are the best duo ever. "Looks like a grape" is an awesome line. 
  • Again, I love Spencer's outfit. Not so crazy about the knee high socks but I'm usually never a fan of them unless they're combined with boots. Yes, I do realize these recaps are sprinkled with outfit rants; LEAVE ME ALONE.
  • I'm enjoying this Aria and Hanna bonding time. They're so funny and this seems like it's going to end either hilariously bad or REALLY bad. 
  • Now it's time for some reminiscent about Maya, who was awful so I don't really care about this. And now we have a present to Emily from Maya as if this is going to make her look like she was the best girlfriend eva. I think this guy is hitting on Emily? What? 
  • Why is this cop such a douchebag? I actually felt bad for Wren for like two seconds. Only two seconds though. Go be adorable and single and British somewhere else. Oh my god let's not make Wren and Hanna happen please? PLEASE? 
  • I love the moms on this show (not including Spencer's mom, of course). This littlle bonding session is awesome. 
  • Oh wow, Melissa's the Black Swan? NO WAY I HAD NO IDEA WHOA. 
  • Oh my god Melissa put the knife down. OH MY GOD SPENCER WAIT UNTIL THE KNIFE IS GONE. Wow, i'm surprised Melissa just had a crazy crying breakdown. 
  • What...what is Montecito? What am I missing? I don't understand. 
  • Wow, all of the A team seems to have some good "people are after me" alibis. I think she's lying SO BAD. Her face when she was going up the stairs? Please. 
  • Garrett's the dad. Garrett's the dad. Dammit, he's not? Boo. "Like it or not, this is your family"? YEAH WE DON'T LIKE IT. 
  • Dude, Hanna, just TELL HIM. GIVE HIM SOMETHING. Okay Hanna, deep breaths, this is bad. It's been a while since we've a breakup so this is probably overdue for a teen show. Wish it had been Ezra and Aria instead but le sigh (haha, totally kidding except NOT AT ALL). Now I feel like the writers are just doing this to get her with Wren. Which is annoying. 
  • Aw, nice little mother-daughter bonding time. Ew, let's never talk about Aria's dad ever again. Okay? Awesome! 
  • This guy is so suspicious, I don't like him. 
  • Aw, poor Hanna. I like the bonding that's going on between Hanna and Aria in this episode, it's sweet. You usually don't seem any of them just one on one. 
  • Ah, Spencer Jason Weird Half Sibling Moment. Speaking of Spencer, I've gone two episodes without Toby. Why is this? This is wrong. 
  • Who is Jason writing that check to? I couldn't see...and now he's calling someone? Loser. 
  • Why is Spencer walking home alone? Dude, someone is out to get you and it's NIGHT TIME. Stop it. 
This gloved person can't be Lucas. How can Lucas go to CALIFORNIA on a school week? What do you guys think? Is Melissa faking this "threat"? Is Jason stupid? How long can they give us no Toby? Leave a comment down below!


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