Food For Thought: The Fading Want (8)

Yeah, weird title but! Today I want to talk about and get your opinions on something that happens to me often. Here's the scenario:

I read a book and I"m like: OH MY GOD SO GOOD CAN"T WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL.
And then six month or a year passes, and the sequel is out.
One of three things happen:
1. AHHH! You go buy it and read it and it's awesome
2. You buy it and ahhh, but you never read it.
3. You never end up buying it.

Sadly, two and three happen to me often. I don't know why, it's just this thing that when I have to wait for something for a long time, I lose interest in it.

Now, i'm just curious. Does this happen to you guys? Do you pay attention to news and snippets about the sequel to keep yourself interested?
do you think this is just because you start not to like the first book as much after spending a year reading other awesome sutff? Let me know!

Happy Reading!


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