"Job Hunters", "Lizzie Bennet", and "Squaresville" : Web Series Are Awesome

Hey guys! So today I have something that has...almost thing to do with books! Yay! I've recently become a very big fan of Web Shows and these are the three I watch with regularity because they're awesome.


Job Hunters is CRAZY good! It has a high production value, the tech looks real and awesome, and the concept is amazing! It's Hunger Games inspired in that it's a future where people have to compete in an arena, killing each other off, to secure a job in the outside world. Once Arena hours are over, you have to return to the house where you're not allowed to hurt or harm anyone, simply live cohesively together. If you're good, you get a job. If your not, you're likely to stay in the house forever until someone manages to kill you.


You guys have probably heard all about this one already if you watch Vlogbrothers but I love this series so much, I just had to mention it here! It's a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice where Lizzie along with her best friend Charlotte Lu are making video entries about their lives. Can you guess who my favorite character is?


And here we actually have a repeat actress! Lydia in Lizzie Bennet Diaries plays Zelda in this really fun, sweet web show about teenagers growing up in a small town. Right now it's just a mix of fun episodes but the closer they get to reaching their financial goal, they're assured everyone they have some awesome plot happenings coming up soon! It's just funny and fun and I especially love the Mallscape episode.

I recommend all of them and I'll see you guys tomorrow with some recaps :)
Happy Reading!


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