Pretty Little Liars 3x06 The Remains of the A: Let's Talk About It!

Everybody ready for some Pretty Little Liars? Yeah, me neither!

  • Yay, this seems like it's going to be a Hanna and Spencer episode! Considering they are the two I like, this is good. 
  • So basically, they're going to lead A to an abandoned church (seriously? probably gonna be secluded as well) I'm also amused that hanna knows how to forge so well; that definitely seems like something she would know. 
  • God Ezra, why you question her so much? Wow, Aria, you're going to get job advice from him? That's a good idea. I know people think they are cute and quirky but I am now talking to Julie instead of watching them and their quirky background music. 
  • YAY TOBY. LOL, Toby "I'll just be very quiet and watch you type". Everyone knows that's code for making out, Spencer. 
  • Dude, Spencer, your mom is a good lawyer. An awful mom but a good lawyer. 
  • LOLOLOL, Hanna is "scared of old people". That is hilarious. And Emily kept her job? Aw, Sassy Boss has a heart of gold. 
  • Dude, I don't think Jason is good-looking. I don't know why, it's just...something about his face. Now Spencer and Jason are discussing April Rose, who I honestly don't care about if she's a person. WHAT USE DO YOU HAVE TO BE WOMAN. 
  • Guys, where do I recognize this Pastor? I recognize him from somewhere...he seems nice. I hope he gets with Mrs.Hanna. Wait...is this a protestant pastor? I mean, I assume so since they're trying to get him with someone. 
  • Oh wow, I had totally forgotten at the creepy videos that the N.A.T.Douchebags club made. Nice to know it was Jason's idea, urgh. 
  • Guys, is Aria like living in his apartment now or something? Is this why we're seeing so much Ezra? She's never home and he's talking about them "being out of resources." ALSO GOD ARIA SO NOSY. Dude, where did he get that cash? Is Ezra selling drugs? 
  • The girls are now debating whether or not to share cheese fries. I love moments like these because it shows that regardless of the crazy, they're still teenage best friends. And then they start talking about how Hanna should wear sensible shoes and she says she wears three inches or nothing. Heh, that's going to be a thing on tumblr soon.
  • HA, Spencer just told Aria she looks like a pod person. And dude, now I think it's sort of obvious. Maybe he knew something about Ali or something? 
  • Oooo, father-son confrontation. And of course, it's very cyptic and talks about "not getting Spencer involved" even though she's more involved than any of them know.
  • LOL, Hanna just said Toby is taking her to the dance. Mrs.Hanna is confused as to why Spencer's boyfriend is taking Hanna to the dance, as everyone would be. Why didn't she just say Emily was taking her? Since that's...true. 
  • HA, Spencer's reaction to Hanna's awful lie. Awww, this is really sweet friendship moment between Spencer and Hanna, I love them.
  • WTF? Emily is having a flashback that makes no sense and there is a freaky tattoo on someone's arm and just...okay. That was strange. 
  • LOL, Toby looks so awkward and this "party" looks so bad. Also: what is EvilCop doing here? Urgh, I hate him. 
  • WHOA ALISON FLASHBACK! That's been a while since we got one of those! Also: dude, how did Spencer get that bracelet off while also holding a scarf? I can't do those with my bare fingers!
  • Ah, Toby and Hanna dancing is awkward. Also Toby is very smart and knows that this isn't some plot to keep a nerdy kid at bay. Dude, Spencer and Toby better not break up. 
  • UM HOLD UP. What is Holden even doing at this party? Why doesn't this show explain things? I love Holden and everything BUT OH MY GOD HOLY SHIT WHAT NO A CAN'T BE HOLDEN. I WILL FREAK OUT BECAUSE I LIKED HIM. 
  • Awkward moment between Mrs.Hanna, EvilCop, and Pastor. Super awkward.
  • OH MY GOD CREEPIEST CHURCH EVER. Seriously, what is going on here. God, this was the worst plan ever, Hanna. 
  • DUDE THIS IS THE WORST COP EVER. Also I hate him. A lot. Is he part of Team A? That'd be weird. 
  • Ezra got the money by selling his grandpa's jaguar but the way he keeps looking at it MAKES ME SUSPICIOUS. 
  • Man, I love Spencer's top. Oh man, Garrett is off the case because the bracelet Spencer and Jason found doesn't have his blood. Poor Spencer man. 
  • WAIT WAIT, in the preview, why the HELL are those two using a ghost board? Seriously? As if you guys don't have enough problems. Also: Wow A, thanks for the message. As if we didn't already know that. 
And there we go! Let me know in the comments what you thought of this episode!
Happy Watching!


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