Jane By Design 1x17 The Sleepover? Let's talk about it!

I know, oh my god, i'm gonna start recapping Jane By Design so cray. BUT LET'S DO THIS.

  • So apparently this episode is going to be Billy girlfriend's being jealous of Jane. What else is new? Everyone knows their endgame girl, don't hate. Also: I miss Jeremy. A lot. Eli mostly makes up for it but he doesn't have the posh attitude so boo.
  • LOL, I love that Jane is such a normal teenage girl. Home alone? Watch a horror movie; that's exactly what I would do. Dude, her phone rings for a really long time. HA, Billy. Billy is adorable again, which is good. I was getting tired of his douchey-ness. 
  • HA, you guys totally do have to throw a party. If there was a Teen Home Alone handbook, it'd be THE FIRST THING. This will end badly but it is super realistic (this is why I don't get left home alone for more than a day, lol)
  • So I have this thing where I really when people add unnessesary Ys to people's names. Coley from my Mothership review, now Janey. WHY? THE NAME IS ALREADY SHORT. 
  • Pizza for breakfast? Ice cream for dinner? These two are gonna get sick. 
  • HAHA, that is a great plan. I really do want to see how long Jane can keep this up considering Miss Shaw is gonna be all up on her like butter on toast
  • Oh my god, Zoey, get over it. Don't you see he was worried because that guy took Lulu away? Calm down. I understand being mad but he's totally groveling and it was a reasonable worry. 
  • Oh my god, I love Harper; she's my favorite character i'm so serious. She's so obnoxious and rude and doesn't even realize it and I think she's hilarious. Oo, this is going to turn into one of those movies where the unpopular girl has a party and so does the popular girl and she has like a band and the beat pumping and whatever but everyone still goes to the other girl's party? 
  • Damn, does this mean Jeremy is coming back?! They are going to have to find him and bring him back somehow if they want this deal with Harrods! 
  • Aw, Nick is a nice guy, man. Quitting the play so his bro wouldn't get angry at him. That's nice. 
  • OKAY, I can see where Zoey would be annoyed with this. Billy got all up in arms about her kissing Nick for a SCHOOL play but he's sleeping over every single night at Jane's. BILLY. DUDE. BE SMART. Learn from your experiences with Lulu.
  • LOL, Billy is freaking out and it's really amusing with his term "special set of rules" but this is all true, Billy. You can't be all pissy when you're always with Jane. 
  • Aww, I love India. She really does care about this place and she really DOES hide it under an icy exterior and she is awesome. 
  • Oh wow, Zoey, when did you turn into a huge bitch? Seriously show, don't do this. Don't make Zoey a bitch who tries to separate Jane and Billy and that's why Billy dumps her or something like that. 
  • If Billy is really unpopular, how does he have everyone's number? That doesn't make much sense to me but whatever. 
  • Awwwww, I love Harper LOL. "I love my parents". 
  • HAHA, India is fantastic. "This loop? You are not in it." Aw, I feel so bad for Eli because he is feeling all lonely and such because Jane is not letting him into her life AND I LOVE ELI. 
  • Is Billy wearing suspenders? That is adorable. Man, that is going to be the coolest part of their party lives. 
  • Man, I love India's outfit and have I mentioned I like Eli? 
  • OH MY GOD. IS THAT CALL ME MAYBE PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND? Love that sound; also that party looks awesome. 
  • Oh my god, Zoey is so annoying now. 
  • Dude, why didn't they lock Jane's door? That is so dumb. 
  • I feel like Zoey is...acting? Like not like the actor is acting but like ZOEY is acting. And it's annoying the hell out of me because she's going to manipulate him with sex or something and just...she was so nice. You can't just suddenly turn her into a mega-bitch. 
  • HA, Billy is so bad at lying this is awful. HAHA, Zoey is even worse. She's cool now but...I felt like last night was really out of character for her. OH THE BRIGHT SIDE, the preview tricked us! They didn't have sex!
  • URGH, man, can't believe Eli and India had sex. Blah, 
  • AHHHH JEREMY YAY. I love Jeremy he is so adorable, I love him. I forgot how much I shipped them when he was gone. Oh guys, I really just love Jane with everyone. 
  • OH MY GOD DID JEREMY JUST REFERENCE DOWNTON ABBEY?! Jeremy, you get so many points. 
  • Jeremy, don't be such a freaking wuss. No one forced you to work with Beau. HE IS SERIOUSLY GONNA WALK AWAY? She flew to LONDON to get you back! WUT. END OF EPISODE? Unacceptable. 
  • WAIT, next week is the summer finale? Wut, wut, nooooo. This is like my only fun, casual show, guys. 
And that's it for this week! What will happen next week? Will Billy stay with Zoey? Will he go back to Jane like always? WHO KNOWS (I totes know). Leave your thoughts on the episode down below!
Happy Watching! 


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