Pretty Little Liars 3x07 Crazy? Let's Talk About It!

Hey guys! Ready for a post discussing the follies of a murder mystery that is both not a mystery but a mystery? Did that make any sense? ANYWAY, it's time for Pretty Little Liars!
  • Okay! So we open the episode with Hanna talking to her mom because apparently she's gone off to some conference and left Hanna completely alone in her house. Yeah, that's always a good idea. Evil Cop comes over to tell Hanna he wants to get a blood sample so naturally, she's like WTF. And i'm like WTF because why does this guy still exist? 
  • Hanna is freaking out because apparently A is like a really good nurse that knocked her out then took some blood and then carefully put it on the bracelet and then put the bracelet where they knew Spencer could find it. Because you know, A can do anything. Ever. Fly to the moon, make out with movie stars, defeat Godzilla. 
  • How do these girls have time to go to the coffee shop before school and SIT DOWN? 
  • Wait so you didn't recognize them but just because they know Ali you immediately know Ali talked about them a lot? CeCe, you logic is flawed.
  • Oh wow, so CeCe really did tell her everything? Now i'm thinking this CeCe girl is Ali's role model or something; that's freaky. 
  • AW, Ms.Aria has a date! That's so cute!I look at Ms.Aria and i'm like PIPER YOU HAVE A HUSBAND (for people who don't understand, she's Piper on Charmed. Although I don't know how you wouldn't understand because hello? It's Charmed). Also: "YOU WEAR FORKS FOR EARRINGS". You internet feels you, Ms.Aria. Fashion Advice From Aria, that's rich.
  • Oop, Spencer and Toby time. Yeah, Toby has a point, man. No evidence is sound in Rosewood. 
  • Shiiiiiiiiiit. A is so creepy, man. WHY THE BOARD A. WHY SO CREEPY. 
  • So Hanna, you buried a ouiji board hand thingy in your friend's grave? That's...something. At least this is a flashback, I thought they were actually going to be dumb enough to do this in the real life. Also: of course it's thundering. Of course. 
  • Ahh, the old days when Hanna was dating Sean. Whoa, what in the world is going on? That's weird. 
  • Oooo, Jason. I don't know what to do about you...I'm going to spend this entire season trying to figure out why his face is not attractive to me. Oh my god, Jason, stop being so cryptic. Just say that happened with CeCe.
  • Ali told CeCe Emily had a huge crush on her? Wow, Ali, got a secret can you keep it? NO. 
  • WHOA. Whoa, her secret date is TED? NO ARIAMOM. HE BELONGS TO HANNAMOM. 
  • So now Aria is visiting Crazy Mona which means CRAZY MONA YAY. 
  • I'm amused by Hanna saying there is no reason to panic but dude. You are totally panicking. 
  • Awkwardest Date Ever; that's all I have to say. 
  • Whoa, what did Hanna do? WHAT IS GOING ON? I want to know what Hanna did to Ali! Urgh, this is gonna take five episodes to explain.
  • Whoa, Crazy Mona can change her personality so quickly she is the best. Not best enough to win best villain over JOSEPH FREAKING MORGAN, but I'm not bitter or anything. Really. 
  • I may say a lot of stuff about Aria but she's mega-loyal, guys. Good on her for going in with Hanna even though this is a stupid idea and dude, asylums are scary. 
  • I actually kind of...like CeCe. She's evil and bitchy but...it's refreshing to have a bitchy character with all these nice people everywhere. "We're not killing a unicorn", hehe. 
  • Zack is nice; go out with Zach, AriaMom. 
  • Hmmm...so what I understand from this flashback is that Hanna told AliMom about the ouiji board incident? That was not a cool move Hanna; that's actually ridiculous. 
  • WAIT WAIT, let me process this for a minute. How the BLOODY HELL did Mona take the keys away from Aria. Seriously, i'm dying to hear this. Were in some sort of dream state while Hanna was having the flashback? Were they frozen in time long enough for Mona to move, take the keys out of her purse/pocket/whatever without then noticing, and LEAVE. That is so stupid. 
  • These girls are seriously going after Mona in the middle of an occupied mental asylum AND THEN GOING INTO THE CHILDREN PART THAT'S ALWAYS THE SCARIEST. 
  • Seriously, EvilCop is so freaking annoying I can't stand him. Like, even when he's not on their case, he's on their case. Calm down; you're the detective for Rosewood, not freaking Miami Vice. 
  • HAHA, I love Toby. I love that he doesn't know what's going on but he's determined to protect Spencer so he's lying to be police while being adorable about it. "I told you to lock your doors, this isn't the 1950s."
  • I get their "pretty little liars" but seriously, can anyone believe them just ONCE? 
  • YES FREAKY MONA TIME. So umm...I'm pretty sure babies can't have mental disorders. Like i'm not 1000 percent sure but most psychological disorders manifest in early childhood or early adulthood. 
  • WHOA, freaky Mona is spouting off weird shit and I love it. She's like brushing a doll's hair and being creepy but nothing she is saying makes sense to me so let's just keep going. 
  • A note: I think there are so many instances where they mention Aria's house today because we all thought she was living with Ezra. Another note: YAY NO EZRA TODAY. 
  • WHOA, a website? That's actually pretty cray. So now eight episodes to find out what the password is (kidding, kidding). 
  • Dude, A is freaky, hiding 
  • Oh great, next week is a Ezra week. BUT OH MY GOD WAS THAT KALEB OF COURSE they need someone who is good with computers BUT AH YAY.


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