Pretty Little Liars 3x05 That Girl Is Poison: Let's Talk About It!

Hey guys and welcome to a new recap of Pretty Little Liars! Let's get down to business: 
  • Yeah no big deal, three girls just chilling outside in the dark. Totally not suspicious. 
  • Why would A want the lady to be in the hospital? To get Garrett out for a bit? I don't know, that doesn't sound logical. 
  • Oh YAY, Ezra/Aria time. MY FAVORITE TIME. (if you're new here, that was sarcasm)
  • Oh is Ezra one of those guys that gets all defensive when the girl wants to get him so food? Didn't like him with Aspen, don't like it with you. 
  • Lucas? Why are you yelling, bby? 
  • Oh my god LULZ, Emily got tickets to the new Katy Perry movie. Subtle little product placement there, guys. Emily does not seem like the type--ah, it was supposed to be for Hanna. Ha, that sounds more plausible. 
  • Okay, my problem with Emily right now is that she is so hot and cold all the time! (Haha, get it? Katy Perry? Hot & Cold?) She'll ignore this girl and then invite her to the movies and then probably start ignoring her again! Make a decision! 
  • OOOOOOOOOO, Jenna is not wearing her blind glasses! Whoa! She looks older with them off, is it just me that thinks so? 
  • Awwww, Hanna is sad about Caleb. HA, she's such a realistic teenage girl going through a break-up: "I'm going to listen to all the sad songs on my ipod, on repeat". Love her.
  • Jenna is walking around flaunting her ability to see people and Emily is really pissed off about it. She's so volatile these days. Oh my god Emily, calm down. There's no proof he killed Ali and Maya and his mom is IN THE HOSPITAL. I know you think he killed Maya and that's why you're mad but I'm honestly getting sick of her "tough bad girl" attitude all the time. 
  • HEHEHEHE, anthrax shouldn't be funny but I love Spencer's wit. 
  • Jenna is throwing a...."yay, I can see" party? Good for her, NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE SUCKS. So she should flaunt it a little. 
  • OH MY GOD YES EMILY'S BOSS. I'm so happy he's here; I love him. 
  • WHOA, Jenna is hispanic? Said something about putting quincenera photos somwhere and that's a hispanic coming-of-age tradition (like a sweet sixteen, but at fifteen)
  • Oh HI NATE. Thanks for barging in to my WORK PLACE ranting about personal things. <--- Me if I was Emily. Instead she calmly tries to tell him to be quiet while he shouts (understandly) I still think he's fishy. DID JENNA JUST SMILE AT HIM?
  • HAHA, Spencer. "When you baby-squirrel Ezra, you take away his nuts". Also Spencer, where is your boyfriend? Ah so as usual, Spencer is the only one coming up with an actual plan. 
  • Oh, are they having a moment? I feel like Emily has a moment with everyone, I can't even tell. 
  • Whoa, Jenna, laying on the moves to a stranger! 
  • Gah, Hanna's sorting clothes. I'd be dying of boredom too. 
  • AHHHHH, a potential love interest for Mamma Marin? That's nice; where do I know him from?
  • Oh god, more Ezra/Aria time. Seriously, why are they always the focus couple? Jesus. He got her a really old looking camera and for people who like them, i'm sure this is a super tender moment of love and sacrifice or something. 
  • BAHA, I love Spencer's attempt at hiding. That was a fail. Also: he could have written the note for when his mother would wake up. That's logical but yeah sure, let's jump to conclusions. 
  • Aw, Jenna looks so happy. Sometimes I forget that she raped Toby and I'm like: she's nice and then I remember and i'm like: I hate you, you're disgusting. 
  • Whose jacket is it? Caleb's? Ah, just one of their pieces of clothing from the night of the grave-digging. 
  • HA, is Maya Male crushing on Jenna? Wait, why does she have to spike her drink? Is there alcohol at this party? "Oh my god, Harmony, that's illegal!" Yeah, so is dating someone over 18. Doesn't stop these people.
  • WAIT, why are Aria and Fitz walking around? They....they do know just because your parents know about it, it doesn't make it less illegal? Or wait, does it? I don't even know but this doesn't seem right. Also: Aria, stop making Fitz Budgets. 
  • Man, Emily has nice skin. Also: HA, told you. Back to ignoring Swim Girl. 
  • TOBY. FINALLY. FINALLY. The thing I actually look forward to on this show anymore (that and Crazy Mona. Also when they finally actually do crazy stuff anymore) They are so cute. SO CUTE. So they kiss and talk about how much Jenna sucks and then more kissing. Yay. 
  • Oh my god, can we please just start expanding on this "A agenda". I feel like we keep getting little child's play: invitations, texts, leaving clothing behind, photos. I want MORE. I want season 2 when people were being chased and trapped in clown rides and stuff. 
  • Ha, people are so trusting in small towns. Never give your key to a teenager, even one you caught. Seriously. 
  • Did Aria forget she was supposed to get something for that lady? Poor lady. 
  • Oh my god wow, Male Maya, none of your business whether or not Emily went out with Paige. 
  • OH WOW, there was sleeping pill residue in her flask. Oh my god guys, what if Garrett's mom is A? Best twist of the whole show.
  • "April Rose Has The Proof". What does that even mean? This reminds me of National Treasure (yeah, the movie with Nicolas Cage) where the guy tells him: there will always be clues and more clues that'll never lead up to anything. And that's how I feel we are now. 
And that's it for this episode of Pretty Little Liars! What did you guys think?
Happy Reading!


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