Food For Thought: Friendship is Magic (12)

Hey guys! Today I have a Food For Thought for you so prepare yourselves for epic.

I felt this was appropriate due to the title of this post, even though I've never seen the show!

So as I watch Fairy Tail (fangirling about my journey with this on State of the Union this weekend), I've been thinking a lot about how important friendships are when you're writing about a character's journey.

What happens a lot of the time is that best friends or even just friends are quickly shoved to the side in favor of whoever the love interest (or love interests) are at the moment. They get left behind for the magical journey. Hell, they completely disappear for no reason sometimes!

The reason I read is because I am fascinated by how people react to things. Seriously, it's something I discovered when I started roleplaying online last year. I love reading about how characters interact and feed off each other and connect and disconnect. So of course I love reading the evolution of love between people or between families but I think there's something really awesome and special about reading interactions between main characters and their friends.

One of the best examples of this I think is Kate from Angelfire by Courtney Alllison Moulton. Kate has NO freaking idea about anything that is going on in Ellie's paranormal life, right? And that's okay! But instead of just making her disappear because she's not essential to the main plot, she's an important person in Ellie's life. She's a constant and she matters and I don't know if Ellie would survive and adapt to this new life as well as she has without this girl by her side.

So authors! Friends! Important! And now I turn to you lovely people, what do you think? Also: give me some of your favorite awesome best friend examples from YA done below!

Happy Reading!


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