Once Upon A Time Recap: 2x01 Broken

Ah! Hey guys! I've missed you so much but I'm finally back and better than ever! Books have been read, ideas have been stewing, a big change is coming up soon since my new layout is almost finished, AND WE HAVE A RECAP! Once Upon A Time came back today so let's get started!

  • We start the scene with this really...weird start. I think this is New York City and some dude is walking around being followed by a camera and I don't recognize him or anything. He goes into this apartment and it's raining and...there better be a good explanation for this. A pigeon just...randomly left him a note. LOL, I'd probably die of laughter if this happened to me. BUT OH! The note is a postcard from Storybrooke!
  • Now we have cool stuff happening like horses and dramatic music OH MY GOD IS THIS MULAN I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS. Oh bah no it's Sleeping Beauty bummer. I mean YAY SLEEPING BEAUTY. But guys it's Wren from Pretty Little Liars and you know I hate him. Also how awkward waking up to a man you've never met kissing you. Oh but they've met okay that's good. 
  • OH MY GOD IS THAT MARY FROM THE TUDORS? IT IS! Aurora is really confused and Philip is being annoying and not explaining anything because the entire landscape is barren and such. 
  • We're back in Storybrooke and there is purple everywhere! I guess we're starting RIGHT where we ended, which was Snow and Charming hugging in the street. 
  • Ruby and Snow are hugging and I loved their friendship so I'm happy. AWW ALL THE DWARVES AND GRUMPY LOVE YOU. 
  • This is like a big happy reunion love it. AWKWARDEST REUNION EVER now that Emma has arrived.
  • LOL, Emma is probs like: this douchebag I've been hating on is my father and my BFF is my mother how awkward is this. And Snow is all happy but Emma is like: wut. 
  • AHHH RUMPLE I MISSED YOU. Him and Belle break my heart, I love them. WAIT, she was locked in there for 28 years? She doesn't even look 28!
  • Back in Fairy Tale world, this guard is like: something suspicious is afoot. And he is right because CREEPY WRAITH DEMENTOR THING WHAT. That was weird. Also Philip tried fighting it back with a sword, you dumb Philip. But the wraith dropped a medallion that might be important
  • Rumple is now opening some box and OOP, there's the medallion! 
  • Now the angry mob is at Regina's door and HA, I love how she opens the door. 'HELLO PEASANTS'. And now she's getting ready to use her powers except awkward she doesn't have any HA. 
  • Oh my god seriously they just left to go get Rumple and RUMPLE COMES RIGHT WHEN THEY LEAVE SERIOUSLY. I love Queen/Rumple banter so this is a good scene. 
  • Now Rumple says he's going to give her a fate worse than death and god dammit Rumple, you're going to lose Belle with that kind of attitude. 
  • HA, I was right! It's a wraith! AND HOLY SHIT THE GUARD TOOK OFF HIS MASK AND IT'S A SHE. IT'S MULAN. YES YES YES. "You're a girl!" "A woman."
  • Aurora is like: wtf you fought with a girl. And Mulan is like bitch please. Philip god dammit stop keeping secrets from Aurora. 
  • Now Rumple is doing something weird with his knife and the medallion which is causing Regina to wig out and her arm is burning. And now a creepy wraith is in our world and DAMMIT RUMPLE STOP.
  • LOL, Charming is looking at Snow like: don't push her and Snow is like: DISMYDAUGHTERIMUST. And oh my god best part of the episode: Snow is like "we talked about One Night Stands" and Charming is like: "WUT?". Oh please Charming YOU GOT MARRIED MAN. 
  • Oh man my heart is BREAKING for Emma. She has a point: if she would've been cursed as well, at least they would've all been cursed together. 
  • Mulan is so pretty. Hah, how awkward is it for Mulan with these two humping like rabbits every two seconds. BUT PHILIP IS CRYING WHY YOU CRYING.
  • Lol, Emma looks so pissed with Rumple but Rumple is pouring tea all calm-like. "Maybe I don't need answers, maybe I need to punch you in the face." Heh. 
  • Rumple is using logic against Emma which always pisses her off. 
  • The entire city looks like a scene from Twister and it's apparently because of the Wraith. Emma wants to stay and annoy Rumple but she has to go save Regina for some damn reason. 
  • Oh man Rumple I told you, you mess everything up by talking! But don't worry, I still love you. 
  • So Philip left so that these two would be safe from the Wraith but Mulan ain't having none of his self-sacrificing BS so she's giving after him. Aurora insists she'll be useful but Mulan is doubtful.
  • THE DEMENTOR--I MEAN WRAITH is here for Regina and she looks downright terrified. OH MY GOD IT'S A DEMENTOR BRO IT'S SUCKING HER SOUL. 
  • Where did Snow even get a lighter and hair spray hahaha but whatever. 
  • So apparently you can't kill the Wraith but when has not being able to do something stopped Emma? 
  • So Regina is using Mad Hatter's Hat to make the Wraith go into an alternate world, from what I understand. But how are they going to make the hat work without Jefferson is my question. Another question: anyone remember what happened to him? Why isn't he here?
  • I'm waiting for Mulan and Aurora best friendship to start happening. 
  • NO MULAN YOU LOVE SHANG. You can't love Philip! But apparently she does because Aurora said it and Aurora is omnipotent apparently. 
  • Philip is sacrificing himself and he's very upset and this is very dramatic. Also: Philip said "I love you" as his last words but he didn't say it to either of their faces so I'm imagining Mulan is pretending it was for her and that is depressing. 
  • Oh my god Emma fell into the hat with the Wraith AND THEN SNOW JUMPED IN. And then Charming tried to jump in but the portal closed so he just lost his wife and his daughter what no premiere you are being really good and awesome. 
  • Oh my god Regina got her magic back and Charming is just the son of a shepherd and I cannot. 
  • The one thing that can stop Regina in her tracks has arrived: Henry. And he ain't talking to her until Emma and Snow come back. 
  • Awww Belle came back oh my god you two are precious. 
  • Henry and Charming are staying at Snow's place until they come back and oh my god he just said: " will always find them". DEAD. 
  • OH MY GOD this isn't a flash-back! This is in the real time because this part of the land was left untouched! Wuuuut. But time was frozen! Damn, that sucks. OH SO THE WRAITH THAT KILLED PHILIP WAS THE WRAITH THAT REGINA BROUGHT OVER WOW! That was good!
  • And so this means that Emma and Snow are going to have adventures! With Mulan and Aurora! In Fairy Tale land! Oh this is awesome. 
And that's it for this week! What'd you guys think of the episode? Happy watching!


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