If You Like...Journey Stories (3)

Ah, the blessed Journey stories. If you don't know what a journey story is it's pretty self-explanitory: it's a book about a person or a group or people that spend the entire novel traveling from Point A to Point B for some reason or purpose. It would range from roadtrips to high fantasy treks across deserts so let's do this!

Blood Red Road | Moira Young

No doubt about it, this is an epic journey story. Saba is an amazing heroine and her journey across desert, town, and mountains along with all the people she meets on the way is a book I recommend to everyone. The beginning is a little slow but once you hit the twenty page mark, you won't be able to stop.

Saving June | Hannah Harrington

A road-trip book! Sad, poignant  and just a damn good read. I seriously recommend it; it's probably my favorite road trip book.

Between Shades of Gray | Ruta Sepetys

Now some people might not consider this a journey story but once is Lena is constantly moving around from different work camps and harsh conditions, I'm counting it. This is a book I think everyone should read at least once (I've read it twice and am contemplating a third time) just because it's THAT good a book.

Graceling | Kristin Cashore

Haha, it's been a while since I've mentioned my favorite book! Of course Graceling is a journey story since the entire book is Po and Katsa's journey to finding his niece and discovering everything that's going down in Leck City and all that good stuff.

Brightly Woven | Alexandra Bracken

Another one of my favorite books (most of my favorite books are journey stories; I'm a sucker for them. Fun fact: most of the novels I write myself, when I do write, are journey stories) because it's so amazing! The characters are great, the world-building is phenomenal, and the writing is..well, it's Alexandra Bracken! Enough said.



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